About Us:


Mindo Ropes & Canopy is made up of 5 families from Mindo with the purpose of creating a sustainable business. This company provides work for local people which turn stimulates the local economy and well as the rest of Ecuador. The canopy tours run on three, small, adjacent private reserves. By supporting this sustainable business, you are also supporting our efforts in ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION and REFORESTATION and our continuing work in forest conservation.



It is an adventure sport that consists of crossing cables from one platform to another at different speeds and heights.

Appropriate for all ages For those who want even more adrenaline during the tour they can opt to do the Superman, Butterfly and Kangaroo with the help of a guide. These activities are done using the highest quality equipment and specially trained naturalist guides. You will also be able to observe tropical birds, orchids and bromeliads among other species.



Conserving natural resources through sustainable activities.



Provide maximum safety for everyone at the Mindo Ropes & Canopy project Educate Motivate Support environmental education through natural interpretation Reforestation of native species



Permanent training for guides and persons associated with the project